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and you're hearing the demo for a song i wrote called sees fire

why show you a demo? because it is an uncertain thing, an imperfect thing, a thing still blossoming. and right now, we could all remember the life saving grace of being uncertain. no rhetoric, choose poetry

that's it. no website for now. no press. no news on songs releasing. no nothing. just this song will repeat itself. 

wrote the song when certain platforms would not let us say certain words outright 

you can hear the form behind the form, the song behind the song

truly, there is only love. only love, only love, only love 

god is in the love between you and me, I have to believe


a child sees fire 

where there should be earth 

little one, i wish i could 

build you a palace 

tiny little one, i wish

i could build you a palace

tine the right fires in you

an ocean, a river, you'll see

one day you'll be free

i have to believe 

they're all fighting

and while they see stories

of a past, a present, a future 

a child sees fire,

little one,

they don't see you

the world is burning 

a child 

sees fire



All inquiries of all kinds and natures on my behalf can and should go to

Felix Grimm 


LEITER Verlag GmbH & Co. KG

Urbanstraße 116 10967

Berlin, Germany


If you're a young person / musician / fellow traveller of the world and want to write to me about what you've seen during your travels, click here.

All booking can be addressed with Todd Walker at outer/most agency.

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